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I specialize in solid wood handrail for curved or spiral stairs. I layout each
piece, using traditional tangent geometry and then cut and carve the
work by hand (and machine). All components are shaped  from solid
timber-size stock with never any bending or strip-laminating.
Job Project/Event:
-Handrail Class Seminar

   In June 2011, I was given the opportunity to teach a
specialty woodworking course entitled "Traditional Tangent
Handrail". This four-day seminar was hosted by Mr. Keith
Mathewson of
Seattle Fine Woodworking and included a bit of
stair/handrail history, drafting and workshop.

This was a honor for me and a thrilling experience to pass along
some of those "traditional woodworking skills" from a bye-gone
era.   The class was also the subject of a featured  article and
published in
"This Is Carpentry" magazine (December 2011).  

Another class may follow (perhaps in the Summer of 2012) and
those who might be interested may contact either myself or Mr.

Thank You
Jim Baldwin
18th Century Handrail